Bar Mancha
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Guatemala (ville), Guatemala2 contributions
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sept. 2014 • En solo
What struck me at first glance, as a passerby, was the wide, wide opening of the place dead on the street; ten to twelve feet, if I am not in error. Whatever, it was impressive to me, the openness. Near closing time on a Saturday night I did not actually set foot inside; there being no need actually because outside and in were not demarcated. Among the six or eight people sitting in conversation in a half-circle at the threshold, two outside, were the owner and his chef. All were male except and attractive, kinda svelte young woman, who, like all the others were very receptive to my intrusion into their conversation clatch; very congenial, indeed. I could not take my off of or, in the least, could not keep them from returning too and focusing on a large, mostly orange and black mural on the back wall. I am guessing again as to size, but, I judge it to be 12 to 15 feet in total. The image which I could not take my eyes off of, though I knew her, I could not speak her name. I had to ask. "Angela Davis" came the answer from the bar owner and the artist who painted her in such an awesome manner. So it is that this is all that I can present here now. However, after being in Guatemala City for more than two years and a non-partaking alcoholic for close to four years, I will be back there tomorrow to taste of the chefs kitchen and hopefully find some of those English-speaking Guatemalan natives, who were so welcoming, so cordial to continue with different facets of what was begun several days past. No alcohol for me, for sure. I do not have that need. I do however have an urgent sense in me to get back to that oasis of friendship. ~Namaste, David Tecumseh Schmidt aka MuChunGe [Mandarin Chinese: A Poet Singing in Spring Rain]
Écrit le 3 septembre 2014
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