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Bucklebury Farm Park

Bucklebury Farm Park
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Très bon

Paige T
2 contributions
Very friendly staff
nov. 2021 • En famille
Absolutely beautiful!
My partner and i brought our son here for his 1st birthday! He LOVED it!

The staff are amazing, very friendly! We didn't catch their names but the lady in the cafe and a lady who checked us in were especially lovely!
We missed the deer feeding but a very kind man took us up there and were able to feed them!

We will be returning with out other children very soon!

Lovely day!
Écrit le 23 novembre 2021
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England2 contributions
Don’t waste your money
nov. 2021
To whom it may concern

On Monday 1st November, I visited your establishment with my two children, a friend and her child as well (5 of us in total). I was disappointed with our visit for the following reasons:

Deer expedition
The board outside of the main barn advertised a deer expedition at 12 noon. Whilst we were aware we couldn’t go on the tractor tour, we were told a substitute activity would take place. This was double checked with a farm employee as there seemed to be some confusion between staff members. At 12 noon, we duly waited at the tractor station, as instructed, along with at least five other families. After 10 minutes of waiting, it became obvious that no activity was going to take place.

Whilst I understand the rutting season puts restrictions on this activity, it would be helpful for your information to be consistent. Your website says the tractor rides suspended until end October, whilst your Facebook page says until end November.

Website text: ** Please note that the tractor rides are not running during October, due to the ‘Rut’ season. Viewing of the deer is still taking place on the expeditions**

Sheep / Goat Racing
We walked past a sign that said the racing would be taking place at 2pm. Upon checking with a farm employee, we were told this wouldn’t be happening. I suggested the sign be removed to reduce confusion but this was ignored.

How unfortunate that one of the farm employees couldn’t tell us the name of the ‘pets’ he was supervising during this activity. Pretty basic stuff. Its such a shame the children were not permitted to the hold the pets as that was the main attraction of this activity.

Your website says, amongst other things “rabbits and guinea pigs to cuddle” and “Enjoy the pat-a-pet to feed”. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to cuddle or feed the rabbits or guinea pigs. Very disappointed children.

These seemed very unnerved by human contact. The children were looking forward to patting them but this was not possible as they would not allow anyone to touch them.

Donkey grooming
It would be really helpful if the donkey was not tied to a fence in the corner meaning that the children have to approach the donkey from the rear. Donkeys will kick out if they can’t see you. The farm employee only seemed to realise this as I instructed my children to be careful. The farm employee did not know the names of the various grooming brushes and did not impart any factual information about donkeys. The children did not learn anything.

Your website publishes daily admissions prices until end of October. As we went in November, I would have thought off-seasons prices would have applied but we were charged the normal fee. Either way, your website needs updating.

It would be really helpful to have your menu on the website so we could plan our meals ahead of time. You also need more indoor space within the café. It was a cold and frequently wet day but had to sit outside as only a handful of tables inside.

Bouncing pillow
How unfortunate that this was not inflated. It was one of the things our children were looking forward to using.

Soft play
Your website says “the soft play area is forever a favourite”. This small area tucked away in the back corner of the barn was uninviting, dark and dingy. This area needs vast improvement and maybe a rebrand as its hardly soft play.

You could do with some sign posts to help visitors find their way round a bit better.

I spoke to a farm employee about our frustrations adding that I didn’t feel that I’d got my monies worth. He said that it was a pretty rubbish day to come to the park. That’s a member of your team saying that! He said the pillow was broken and he didn’t know why the farm staff don’t allow you to hold the pets anymore. He was also surprised no one turned up for the tractor expedition.

Overall, the people you have working at the park could be much more engaging and proactive with passing on knowledge and information. I wonder if any of them actually enjoy working there. There were too many activities either not running or broken (e.g. mining for gold). More effort needs to be put in to making visitors feel valued. I left the park thinking that I’d wasted my money and would never be going back. Your competitors at Beale Park give much better experience. Such a shame.
Écrit le 8 novembre 2021
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Reading, UK36 contributions
Expensive experience
nov. 2021 • En famille
Visited with our grandson. 5 adults paid over 50 pounds to get in. No tractor rides to deer park. Highly expensive to see a few farm animals.
The main reason for the visit was for the deer park. Charging full price is totally unacceptable. Even after sending you a complaint you fail to respond. Shocking customer services.
Écrit le 5 novembre 2021
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Steven Kew
Billericay, UK63 contributions
Lovely place to visit with the family
août 2021 • En famille
We stopped off for a few hours on the way to Somerset for a week’s holiday. Lovely park with lots to do for the children - the obstacle course was a big hit for our two boys. The bacon rolls were out of this world!
Écrit le 5 septembre 2021
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37 contributions
Brilliant day with the Granddaughter
août 2021
Was so thrilled to have been recommended Bucklebury to take the Granddaughter to and we both thoroughly enjoyed it ... today! So much to rave about! The play park was inspiring for all ages, the zip wire, inflatable pillow, trikes etc were all to be enjoyed. Emma the Storyteller was very enthusiastic and held the attention of the little ones. I liked that apart from all the equipment, there was lots of hands on for the kids to do with the animals, who all seemed very relaxed around humans and more than happy to be stroked and fussed over.

The tractor ride was great and the young chap who travelled the park with us was very informative. Never seen so many deer who mostly seemed happy to come and be fed closely.

Prices were very good overall and it was a lovely surprise that we didn't have to pay extra for the unlimited tractor rides.

The only downside for me was the lunch queue was long & seemingly disorganised (not helped by the very indecisive family before us!!). Not much indication of the food available until you got to the till and even then was still very sparse. Looking on Trip Advisor, there are pictures of salads ... where ... I didn't see them! The kids meal deal was difficult to obtain anything from the fridge having paid, as it meant disturbing people in the waiting queue, hampered by a table displaying crisps, bits and bobs. I just felt it was a mish-mash and wished I had taken a picnic/sandwich.

I will definitely be returning & may even consider a season ticket, even though we live 45 mins away!!! We have a few Grandchildren, all of whom would enjoy some aspect of the park :-)
Écrit le 31 août 2021
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Rose G
10 contributions
Family fun at its finest!
août 2021 • En famille
Every member of staff was warm and friendly and always ready to help and advise.
Beautiful location and lots of open space to explore.
We loved the sheltered picnic tables and the indoor play area for when the rain came.
Amazing family friendly day out, will definitely be back and recommend to anyone!
Écrit le 22 août 2021
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Bracknell, UK102 contributions
Lovely day out for children
mai 2021
What a lovely day we had, especially on a nice sunny day. My toddler loved the animal petting (not sure Roger the Rabbit did!); and the tractor/trailer ride was a highlight. Lots of handwashing stations near the animals - handy, because there are several opportunities to get very close to them - so all very well set-up. Lots of space to sit in the dining area, although vegetarian options could be less limited. On our list to visit again.
Écrit le 20 août 2021
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Newbury, UK68 contributions
Great family day out
août 2021 • En famille
Great family day out! There was loads to do in a very attractive and well laid out Farm Park. Plenty of climbing equipment for children of all ages and lots of open air space without overcrowding. The highlight of our trip was the tractor and trailer trip to see and feed a mixed herd of deer red, fallow and sika. There’s of other animals to see and pet too and hand washing facilities everywhere which is so important when you’ve been touching animals. There’s plenty of picnic tables (some undercover) or you can get reasonably priced food from the cafe onsite. We went with our granddaughter and great grandson and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Highly recommended.
Écrit le 20 août 2021
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Reading, UK39 contributions
Outdoor fun for the family.
août 2021 • En famille
A very enjoyable day out with family. Great for young children, lots of animals to feed, and good play areas. Plenty of space. A nice cafe run by cheerful staff, with good outdoor seating. Deer safari (tractor and trailer) gets you up close to the deer, who like to be fed.
Écrit le 20 août 2021
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Ruth F
1 contribution
Great day at Bucklebury Farm Park
août 2021 • En famille
Really enjoyed a day at Bucklebury Farm Park yesterday with my grandchildren from 1-7 years old. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves - playing on the climbing frames, using the indoor slides and the bouncing bubble. Going on the tractor ride to feed the deer was such fun with a story while we waited thrown in! Even the one year old enjoyed pushing food to the deer through the gap. Story teller cottage was a great surprise as we didn’t see it written on the board on the barn. The story was fitting to the setting and the teller developed a nice rapport with all of the children who also enjoyed banging on the percussion instruments. Nice that she wandered round telling the children about each upcoming story. We all loved grooming the donkeys/horses and feeding the alpacas, goats and sheep. An entertaining day for children in a nicely organised rural setting with space to keep dry and have fun when it rained. Would go again.
Écrit le 6 août 2021
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