Puerto Velero

Puerto Velero, Tubara

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Rodrigo A
2 contributions
Don't go at the marina of Puerto Velero
oct. 2019 • En famille
It is not worth it to spend time in this marina if you are not going to use the shipyard. The place is overexposed to south winds and you sleep better if you are at anchor than inside the marina.
Mosquitoes are the unquestionable owners of the sourrandings and when it rains the mud can get to your ankles.
This could be compensate from the prices they have, very cheap instead, but the rest for us doesn't worth the effort at all.
The owner of the marina Mrs S. and her daughter made us feel very uncomfortable more than once because of a lack of communication, from their part, that the services as the restaurant and the laundry (that we were paying, they were certainly not for free), could not be used from whom who decides to spend a few days at the anchor.
All of that after 3 months that we have spent inbetween the shipyard and the marina, investing our time and money. We just couldn't believe what we were hearing.
The owner called us into her office to warn us that we couldn't set foot on the marina private soil and that if we wanted to catch the van to get to the city, the one and only working transport, we couldn't cross through her territory but instead we shuold go all around outside of the marina. She also said that we couldn't live the zodiac inside tied up near the docks.
We have also been asked (by mobile), if we were using the bathrooms that particular day, not knowing that we were already back inside at the docks and so, as their ridiculous and non sense rules said, we were in full right to use them. There are no doubts that the incompetence and lack of communication between the managers and their employees create a lot of confusion and misunderstandings.
The docks are almost empty and they obviousely need to work but even so they allow themselves to treat you like a sort of foreign unwelcomed invader.
On the other hand all the employees, from the kitchen to the shipyard and the reception are really simple, pleasant and nice people.
We can't say the same for their bosses.
In fact we left the place earlier than we originally planned in order not to have to lead with them anymore.
We still don't understand why they had this kind of attitude towards us but we are for sure not coming back there again and we also cannot recommend it to anyone of our sailors friends or casual knowledge.
We also were informed later that a German guy with his wife and 2 little kids were kicked out by the owner for the same reason explained below.
We have no words for that
Écrit le 28 octobre 2019
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Dianasofia C
Barranquilla, Colombie1 contribution
Opinión de estadia en la marina de puerto velero
oct. 2019 • En couple
Me hospede en la marina de puerto velero en las cabañas de agua. Muy lindas ! , sin embargo el servicio del lugar es pésimo. Nunca se nos informó que debíamos llevar comida , ya que a las 6 cierran todo y si no hay reservas no venden nada. Nos tocó llamar a la persona que nos dio la información de la cabaña para que nos solucionara y que nos diera un número para llamar y que pudiéramos comer. Al día siguiente para comprar el desayuno llegamos tipo 9:30 al restaurante y no había llegado la jefa no nos podían vender nada. Desayunamos tipo 11. En la cabaña ni siquiera ponen papel higiénico. Eso siempre está con poca gente si no llevas carro se te es muy complicado la movilización dentro del lugar. Es un lugar que no volvería a pesar de los paisajes . La mala administración y la calidad del servicio hacen que lo califique de esta forma
Écrit le 20 octobre 2019
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Chan P
Carthagène, Colombie17 contributions
Kiosko francbasile
juin 2019
El mejor pargo rojo que se puede comer en colombia - eneldo - tomate - cebolla - esto horneado con una vista increíble
Écrit le 10 juin 2019
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wenshelado95 contributions
déc. 2018 • En famille
This is the place were I learn to do Kitesurfing. You can ask around for an instructor and the lessons include all the gear with a reasonable price. There are good restaurants that serve good food. No need for wetsuit but I recommend sun protection. I wore a long sleeve UV blocking top because I was more than three hours in the water. Family and friends can stay in the beach but one day I did a solo trip from Puerto Colombia were I met my instructor and he gave me a lift to the beach.
Écrit le 15 mai 2019
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