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Château de Gruyères Foire aux questions

Miami Beach, Floride

Can I go to the top of the castle just to take pictures from above free of charge? I don't want to go Inside the castle

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Gruyères, Suisse
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Hi there,

You can climb quite a bit to take photos, but to get a photo from the top you have to pay for a ticket. That said, the views are amazing from the castle, especially the gardens with the mountains behind. If you're coming all the way from Miami Beach you might as well go all out! I think it's totally worth it to pay to get in, but then again, I'm biased, and the entry fee is only CHF 12,00 ;)

Kind regards,

Emilie Chavaillaz

Gruyères communication team

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Acton, Massachusetts
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To get into the castle (and on to the grounds to take photos) you need to pay the admission. Once paid, you can indeed go in (but that's an internal tour), or go outside (to the back) where there are some picturesque areas to photograph. I think you may be able to get up a bit high, but not sure about "to the top" paying or not.

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