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9 Station Hostel & Bar Phu Quoc

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No 1 de 144 hébergements spécialisés à Île de Phu Quoc
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Très bien situé à proximité de la rue principale, plage de Long Beach accessible à pied, très bons scooters à louer pour accéder à la forêt primaire ou aux plages du sud, et le personnel est extrêmement compétent, très arrangeants et toujours souriants. Piscine, petit déjeuner,
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Réponse de la part de Hiruph, Người quản lý chez 9 Station Hostel & Bar Phu Quoc
Réponse envoyée 7 déc. 2018
Xin chao, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this excellent review ! We truly appreciate your kind words about our hostel and Its definitely a boost for us every time we hear positive reviews such as this. We wish you the best and hope 9 station will be on your top list when you come back to Phu Quoc again. Kind regards, Mai- Customer service manager
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Je me suis fait volé de ma chambre 300 USD par le manager de l'auberge! Il est rentré en mon absence dans ma chambre "pour me reveiller". A mon retour de la salle de bains, je constate que mon sac est ouvert ainsi que ma sacoche à l'intérieur. 300 USD ainsi que plus de 500 000
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Réponse de la part de Hiru P, Người quản lý chez 9 Station Hostel & Bar Phu Quoc
Réponse envoyée 30 juill. 2018
Dear Khalid Yahiaoui Thank you for your Review of The 9 STATION HOSTEL on this Forum. My only surprise is that I was expecting it earlier. These are some serious accusations against my hostel and myself - the Manager Maybe it would be fair to explain to our Readers what happened, and what kind of care we had to assume our responsibilities. After your second night in the hostel and in the very morning taking a bus to Can tho city , you Came back and talked to me , claiming that one of the guest in your room stole in your wallet 300$ + 500.000vnđ . i was embarrassed and supprised, as we are not use to face this kind of situation. The reason is simple: We had lockers with secure keys in every dormroom and reminded guest to keep their valuable things in it for safety reason. And it works so well that we never had something happen during 2 years opening the hostel. Then i myself who as a the Hostel Manager was always in charge of sensitive potential security breach’s investigation, took the matter in hands. And spent my morning dealing with the accusation. Accusation was very simple: One of the guest stayed in your room broke in your bag and stole 300$. The black bag which you left on the floor . When i noticed that something was wrong: as you said that when you came back your bed at 6h30AM from the bathroom, you noticed that your bag was open and your wallet inside . why you did not check your money again & let us know right at that time but after came back from the bus at 8:30AM and saying that your money had been stolen ? On one hand you were so precised that we had to entrust your words, on the other hand the story was not plausible. I went to the room to check again the bed and talked with 3 others guest in room, kindly asked them for any information. taking my time to convince them for the investigation The policeman came right after that for the investigation. - The room had been checked in every corner, the 3 other guest's luggage and myself had been checked as well but NOTHING could be found. Then you accused the Manager to temper evidences so to cover up a theft by one of our Guest … That was a bit too much, but I know even if I am not a good professional after 5 years that Guests have the right to say whatever they wish. - It didn’t took you long to come up with a different scenario. To clarify this to our Readers I must explain. That other guest had stolen your money and hided somewhere in the hostel, But after checking the camera and letting yourself check the suspicious places. but there still was NOTHING . Impossible for them to hide somewhere else because the guest never left the hostel. - Then you came up with a final explanation by the money had been stolen by me in 15 seconds in your room. it's imposible either. Let's me tell you why : I went to your room to inform you about the reschedule 30 mins ealier of your bus to Can tho. You never ask for it, Yes, of course. But my responsibility is let's the guest know the time change so that they can catch the bus ontime. + It took me 2 seconds to knock the door and opened it + I had no idea that you was still sleeping in your bed or not cause your private curtain was closed. it took me 5 seconds to knock the door again to make sure that you are awake with your clothes( some guest has a habit go to bed nude and it's polite to let them know that someone was coming) + I did not know where you put your wallet , in the bag or on your bed. + You told us that just the 3 big note 100$ and 500.000vnđ had been stolen, the small note still be there. let's me tell you , it was dark at the moment i came to the Dorm room , how could i just took the big note and left the small note extatly without any lights ??? + I did not know where you are going at the moment, how stupid i was if i did it in the condition full of risk that you could come back anytime. It is truly a genius to be able to do all of these things within 15 seconds. - The point is that you were so rightly upset that the accusation was done and you believed what you felt or thought what really happened. I even asked you to conceive what was not conceivable to try to understand maybe what really happened. This would have been probably another outrage. - It was not an outrage to ask you to check and recheck. Very often lost belongings are found by themself after the Guests left and worse even when they are still present. - I checked on our Insurance and the policeman who said that in this situation the claim was not receivable as everything was based on your statement without any proof and there was no sign of break-in. - But still now I know that no money have been stolen… After so many years and dozens of investigations we know when we have a case or not, call it experience from non-professionals maybe. Despite personal accusations or accusations against our Employees, I am really sorry for what might have happened to you. But this does not make us criminals or incompetent. David - Hostel Manager
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Chambre très propre, que ce soit les chambres de deux ou les dortoirs. L'endroit est parfait que ce soit pour manger ou boire (prix bas et très bon). Il y a de quoi s'auser, tout est bien aménagé, le personnel gentil. Bref cet hostel est l'endroit ou être à phu quoc.
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Réponse de la part de Hiru P, Manager chez 9 Station Hostel & Bar Phu Quoc
Réponse envoyée 7 sept. 2017
Xin Chào! Arcording to google translate, we glad to know that you love and enjoy our staff, facility and all of our service here. A sinsere thank from 9station for your great review my friend. Wish you all the best in life.
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C est la première experience en dortoir et cet endroit est idéal Il offre de tres bonne prestations Tout est neuf ét Bien entretenu Le Staff est adorable et bien disponible Il propOse la location de vélos ou De scooter ( neufs) ce qui n est pas le cas de tout le Vietnam le
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Réponse de la part de Hiru P, General Manager chez 9 Station Hostel & Bar Phu Quoc
Réponse envoyée 12 déc. 2016
Hey there, Thank you for the positive feedback! We're so pleased to hear that you had a great stay with us and enjoyed the the hostel. Really the hostel wouldn't be the same without our amazing backpackers so thank you for being one of them. It's so great to hear that you loved your stay and will be recommending us to other travelers. We appreciate it. From the entire team we wish you all the best on your future travels. All the best,
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Fidèle aux photos mais la situation est catastrophique avec les travaux qui entourent cet hôtel qui n'est pas fini. Rue impraticable et pleine de boue. L'hôtel est encore en construction donc les bruits durent de 7h à 17h. La piscine est jolie mais le bruit des travaux toute la
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Réponse de la part de Hiru P, General Manager chez 9 Station Hostel & Bar Phu Quoc
Réponse envoyée 12 déc. 2016
Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to review your stay with us as. We really value customers feedback and are disappointed (after asking our French friend to translate your review) to learn that you didn't enjoy your stay as much as most of our guests. Which from the sounds of it is because unfortunately we were not the right hostel choice for you. As people known, Phu Quoc Island is known now as a potential place to discover for travelers, consequently construction activities are all around the island. Our hostel was completely finished construction progress not like as you mentioned. Unfortunately, the inconvenience which you have experienced from outside works but not hostel itself (noise, mud). Luckily, we also would like to let you know that the side-road and outside construction site is about to complete very soon. We are so clearly that communication is the key to connect people all around the world and however it disappoints to hear your comments about staff and can assure you this type of feedback is highly unusual. Our local and foreign team are passionate about travel, hospitality and customer service - especially FO staff we believe that there was a misunderstanding between our staff and you. Also we do feel that our price is more than fair when you factor in the value of all the extras which are included happy hour of drinks every day, free towel, free laundry, huge modern lounge, nice swimming pool in the garden, and more. Hope you enjoy on your future travels. All the best,
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23 $ US - 52 $ US (selon les tarifs moyens d'une chambre standard)
VietnamKien Giang ProvinceÎle de Phu QuocDuong Dong
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