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Kittyhawk Condominiums

56924 Meadow Rd, Sunriver, OR 97707
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No 6 de 12 hébergements spécialisés à Sunriver
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bjreimann a écrit un avis (juin 2016)
Eagan, Minnesota72 contributions50 votes utiles
Note that this is in reference to the Kittyhawk 4. We were in town for the Pacific Crest Festival weekend events and couldn't have picked a better location. To be able to walk to the start and finish line of a race is a dream and this unit was approximately 1/2 mile from Sunriver village. We had some highs and lows with this unit - I'll start with the lows: - The first thing we noticed when we walked in was a musty odor - it smells like a basement or someone's cabin that was locked up for the season. It improved throughout our 4 nights, but even the bedding had the smell. - The lighting - there's no ceiling light and even during daylight with the patio blinds open and all the lights on, it's dim in there. - Microwave is outdated and could use an upgrade - when you go to open it, unless you push really hard, the microwave turns on - it definitely doesn't have the power that the newer one's have - it took 3 minutes to boil water for tea and coffee. - The biggest low for us was the painting that was going on - see photos attached. If we had been told that the unit was going to be painted and entail all of the windows being taped shut and the entire patio (including chairs and bikes) being covered, we would have selected a different place. We arrived Wednesday to men on ladders painting directly outside the patio window. We woke up Thursday to the same, only outside the other windows, Friday was the day before our marathon - a day that we like to enjoy relaxing, laying low, sitting outdoors reading, etc. - and that's the day the unit was entirely taped up - they finished after 5:30pm, which is when we left for dinner. Fortunately, they didn't show on Saturday (we spent most of the day at the race) or Sunday (we checked out at 11am). A note too that when we went to sit outdoors Thursday morning, the chairs were filthy with dust/dirt - as were the bikes - I'm assuming the painters scraped or something to leave the dust, but I'm not sure. We called maintenance to come clean the chairs. - We wished there was a laundry facility on site. The positives: - In addition to the painting and the chair cleaning, we contacted Bennington properties about our keys which weren't working and we found them to be pleasant and prompt - eager to help with problems - they replied promptly to our phone calls and emails. - As stated above, the location was awesome. - The iphone app worked really well for us - if a guest had trouble with technology, I'd suggest asking for hard copies mailed to you before you arrive. - The unit came with wifi and it worked really well - we had to reset it once, but it was plenty fast for our needs! - For 2 people, the unit was spacious and the grounds are beautiful! - We didn't watch much TV but enjoyed the beautiful TV and ample channels. - Inclusion of bikes! For the money, I'd recommend this place IF there's no maintenance that's going to impact your stay like it did ours.
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Date du séjour : juin 2016
Type de voyage : Voyage en couple
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États-UnisOregonCentral OregonSunriver
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Foire aux questions à propos de Kittyhawk Condominiums
Quelles attractions populaires sont à proximité de Kittyhawk Condominiums?
Parmi les attractions à proximité, on trouve notamment The Village at Sunriver (0,6 kilomètres), Sunriver Marina (0,5 kilomètres) et Artists Gallery Sunriver (0,6 kilomètres).
Pourriez-vous m’indiquer certains des restaurants à proximité de Kittyhawk Condominiums?
Parmi les restaurants situés tout près, on trouve Sunriver Brewing Company - Sunriver Pub, Cafe Sintra et South Bend Bistro.
Est-ce que Kittyhawk Condominiums est situé près du centre-ville?
Oui, il est situé à 0,5 kilomètres du centre de Sunriver.