TX Ranch

TX Ranch

Trail ride to the canyon
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TX Ranch cattle drives
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Crookedcreek Rd 20, Lovell, WY 82431-0194
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Stephen B a écrit un avis (oct. 2021)
5,0 sur 5 bulles
For 17 years I have traveled to The TX Ranch and the experience of a lifetime. Sleep in a tent (on a cot), no electricity (batteries only), spring water (right at our campsite), and all the horseback riding and cattle work you can put in a week! I go for two weeks, it is better - Time spent at TX will not be deducted from your life!!
Learn what real life is all about! Responsibility and how to be both with and surrounded by nature with people of worth and more heart and soul than anywhere. The Tillett's have given us a gift of wonder and joy.
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Date du séjour : août 2021
5,0 sur 5 bullesChambres
5,0 sur 5 bullesService
5,0 sur 5 bullesLiterie
Conseil sur la chambre : Under a tree protected from the breeze and the best view!
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TraveltoseetheWorld a écrit un avis (août 2021)
5,0 sur 5 bulles
If you are looking for a serious working ranch experience this is it. This was my experience but it will not necessarily represent yours. There were only two of us at the ranch so our experience is probably different from some large groups. There was a newer crew working on the ranch this year - all AWESOME and easy to get along with!

We had very long days in the saddle. Expect your butt to get sore. There was never a set schedule. On the first day I was gathering cattle on my own. So fun but there is kind of an expectation you have some basic knowledge of cattle and riding. If you don't you'll learn quick. But hey that's why we were at the TX! We did several days of branding/vaccinations. Other days we moved pastures and looked for stray cattle. No sugar coating it it was work and certainly not leisure trail ride. They have a lot of horses to ride. The two I rode were trustworthy and well mannered.

Breakfast was good at 7:00 am every morning. Lunch was brought out each afternoon in a truck. Make your own sandwiches, fruit, chips, cookies, etc.. Finished off each evening with EXCELLENT dinners. The ladies did an awesome job!

You'll certainly be roughing it. In the evening, fill your own portable shower bag to wash off the dust and sweat. Sleep in a canvas tent with a grass floor. It's all part of the "authentic" cowboy experience. There was a non-threatening bear near camp so you might want to consider bringing bear spray. Snakes were around but luckily I never saw one.

I was at the Deadman camp most of the week but we did drive horses up to the Lone Wolf camp. Deadman in late June was the typical dry sagebrush sort of landscape but was still scenic with the river and mountains. However, if I were to return I'd definitely go to the Lone Wolf camp on the Crow Reservation, which was much greener, had tall grass, and was really beautiful considering the drought. I believe they go to Lone Wolf during July and August.

1) Bring a few first aid basics on your daily rides. Tweezers in case you sit on a cactus. Band-Aids and sanitizer in case you get cut.

2) DO NOT try talking someone who's heart isn't into this sort of experience to come, especially if they aren't into horses. I'm so thankful I didn't encourage my husband to come. He would have hated the long days in the saddle and the rustic camp experience.

3) You might get s*** on if you are holding the hind feet during branding

4) Honestly I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a better working ranch experience
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Date du séjour : juin 2021
5,0 sur 5 bullesPropreté
5,0 sur 5 bullesService
5,0 sur 5 bullesLiterie
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schalkdav50@gmail.com a écrit un avis (juin 2019)
5,0 sur 5 bulles
This was Fantastic the scenery , people and host were really nice, the tents were big and roomy they had i mini wood stove inside and was easy to keep the tent warm on cold nights , the food was simple and good but the dinners were really good , Chris the ranch hand took personnal interest in the guest to help feel comfortable, I just cant say enough good things about this place , ya know when you go somewhere and when you leave you just cant wait to get back thats the the way Hip and Loretta make you feel . I would recommend this place to everyone and yes iam already making plans to return for lonewolf 2020
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Date du séjour : mai 2019
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David F a écrit un avis (oct. 2018)
Billericay, Royaume-Uni
5,0 sur 5 bulles
My wife visited the TX this September, here's her review:

This place is just amazing, this was a lifelong childhood dream come true, I came here with three friends and an open mind to any challenge that was thrown at us, and boy it didn't disappoint! This place is a real get down dirty, hands on working ranch. Riding all day, rounding up cattle and horses, branding, injecting, ear tagging, castrating and them some - just amazing. The views of the Big Horn mountains will be etched in my brain forever, the scenery is just breathtaking. The horse are beautiful quarter horses, hard working as you would expect, and well cared for. It was a pleasure to ride such well trained horses and I loved my boy Sniper with all my heart. The team, Hip, Loretta, Desi, Sam, Jenny & Curtis were lovely, welcoming and funny hosts and it was a pleasure to spend a week with these hard working people. You are well fed by Jenny, which was needed especially after a hard day out working. I will be coming back very soon, and hopefully for many years to come, thank you guys, love you all, Kim xxxx
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Date du séjour : septembre 2018Type de voyage : A voyagé avec des amis
Conseil sur la chambre : Sleeping under the stars in tents
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JoJoK2014 a écrit un avis (sept. 2018)
Auchterarder, Royaume-Uni
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Life does not get better than this! Just spent a week on the TX ranch rounding up cows and horses. Amazing scenery, full on days riding, branding, inoculating, tagging and castrating cows with a brilliant crew of other cowboys and cowgirls who had also signed up for the week. You are so looked after by Hip, Sam, Des and especially Jen in the kitchen who fuelled us up each day. It's a real working ranch experience and a trip I will definitely be doing again. Loved it from start to finish!
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Date du séjour : septembre 2018
5,0 sur 5 bullesPosition
5,0 sur 5 bullesService
5,0 sur 5 bullesLiterie
Type de voyage : A voyagé avec des amis
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.
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