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Forest 92 Road, Pecos, NM 87552-0487
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Forest 92 Road, Pecos, NM 87552-0487
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The 'road' to Cow Creek from Pecos, NM, can only be described as an improved goat trail. You are in for a rough ride for about 35 minutes, so just take your time and enjoy the views. The people who live in this area must all be on some witness protection program. The ranch itself is 800 plus acres in a spectacular valley with a beautiful creek bisecting it. There are a number of lakes on the property allowing trout fishing for beginners as well as seasoned fishermen. The lodge was built in the 1920's and has survived two forest fires in the last 15 years and the owners could not be nicer. The fishing is sketchy based on my three trips there, but fly fishing is always sketchy so you have to enjoy the scenery and the ambiance of the place, not just the 'catch', which is all catch and release on barbless hooks. Best to stay a few days, and not concentrate on 'how many' you get, but the overall experience.
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This 1200 acre ranch extends up a canyon with 4.5 miles of Cow Creek. The creek with its pools and ponds is a typical mountain creek. After a horrible forest fire years ago, ranch manager Lanier Hartnagle worked with experts to restore the water and land. We fished or scouted fish beginning at the property gate and saw plenty of fish. The fishing areas, known as beats or stations, are discreetly numbered. These fishing areas are assigned, a management tool that keeps each from being over-worked and ensures the individual or group has exclusive access to their areas during their time period. The lodge was built by the original owners Bob and Louise Martin in the 1930s, and expanded to 11 rooms over time. The lodge has been operated for at least 80 years. The current owners are 3rd generation guests of the ranch, who loved it so much they bought the place when the descendants of the original owners died. Lanier guided the refurbishing of the lodge, yet retained the charming lodge qualities while making modern improvements. This looks just like the lodges my parents took us to in the 1950s and 1960s, but also subtly modern. The ranch is gorgeous and provides an outstanding adventure. The staff was friendly, efficient and eager to provide an experience that “exceeds expectations.” We stayed in the “Owner’s Cabin,” a 2-bedroom/2-bath log home with washer/dryer, fireplace, wood stove, and a well-stocked kitchen. The wrap-around porch was a delight, with swarms of hummers attracted to the feeders. A switch went out on the water pump on our first morning. The staff jumped to accommodate us, ready to move us to the lodge. The cabin was such a great experience that we were ready to insist on roughing it without running water! The pump was fixed in just a few hours. Our guides Tim and Matt were excellent. Each teaching us newbies without criticism or being condescending, or upset when we lost so many flies….. They dedicated time individually so that we all had an outstanding experience. They taught various techniques, fish behavior, and habitat. We all caught a number of each variety. The grandsons gave their highest compliment, “these dudes are legend.” The grandkids enjoyed paddle-boarding, the kayak, mountain biking, and the archery trail with its bear, dear, hog, and other targets. Lanier went to great lengths to help me put together 4 nights and 3 days, from 900 miles away, involving people from 3 families, with less than 48 hours notice. The place, the service, the experience is just exceptional. I researched 6 trips, narrowed it to 3, then had consensus from hubby, 2 teenaged grandsons and a pre-teen granddaughter that this is where we wanted to go. Somewhat more expensive than the other trips, but an exceptionally good experience.
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I can't tell you how great our experience at Cow Creek Ranch was. My youngest son and I spent two days fishing at the ranch and it was the best two days we have ever spent together. This place is heaven. Lanier thanks and please tell the great staff thanks also. Lisa and the bunch went out of their way to make our visit PERFECT. I have this sneaking suspicion you will see us again real soon. Thanks Again and If you see Matt at FE guides HUG his neck. He's the best.
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Cow Creek is hands down one of my favorite places in the world to visit. The views, the fishing, & the people of Cow Creek make the ranch so special. Our guide, Pete, makes every time we return better than the last. He is so patient, helping me untangle my lines and pick my flies out of the branches when I inevitably get stuck. And this last time, I caught the most fish I’ve ever caught in one day! I recommend this trip to anyone who is looking to relax, or get sporty in the great outdoors. Already planning my next trip back!!!
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Cow Creek Ranch is the best opportunity for any traveler to be immersed in the magical Pecos Wilderness with all the comforts and luxury of a historic ranch property. We went for my partner's 50th birthday, and as he is a serious fly fisherman, this had been on his bucket list for a while. It was a very special and incredibly memorable few days. I walked, biked, and took photographs and video while he fished from sun up to sun down. As there were just the two of us, we rented out the owner's cabin. Some day maybe we'll get a group and go back to enjoy the beautiful lodge. Lanier and her team do everything to make your stay the optimal experience. Great people, great place.
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