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Coffee Oasis - FERMÉ


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4,0 11 avis
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2 $ US - 10 $ US

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Stocked in decaf as well as caffeinated
Costa Rican Tarrazú
This classic coffee is produced in the premier tarrazú growing region. It is a medium-bodied cup, with vibrant flavor and nutty undertones brought out by a city roast. This patio-dried bean is the most sought after due to the detail-oriented preparation which yields a coffee with an aromatic complexity.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Guatemalan Antigua
Rich volcanic soil makes guatemala prime for coffee production. The antigua region coffees have a distinctive zip to them shared by no other coffee. Antigua coffees are described as having a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma, and a fine acidity accentuated by a medium roast.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Kenya Aa
Our kenya aa is produced on the slopes of mount kenya. These beans are of high density, assuring brightness in the cup. This unique and strongly flavored coffee offers a complex profile of citrus and blackberry with a nearly perfect wine-like acidity that is complemented by a city roast.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Colombian Supremo
The most prestigious of the colombian coffees, supremo is famous for its mild flavor and balance. Colombian supremo is the favorite of gourmet coffee drinkers and we use a medium roast it to obtain its optimum flavor. Colombian coffee is rich in flavor, heavy bodied, has a bright acidity, and is intensely aromatic.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Sumatra Mandheling
Sumatran coffees are some of the heaviest, smoothest, and most complex coffees in the world with the earthy and spicy notes. Distinguished by its long, slender bean shape, this sumatra mandheling with a full city roast brews up flavorful and mild in aroma. This is a terrific choice for an all day coffee.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Papua New Guinea (Fair Trade Organic
A superb medium bodied coffee. This coffee combines the lively flavor of central american coffees with the earthy richness of indonesian. It has a pungent and tangy aroma of tropical flowers and fruit. You will find that the city roast produces a coffee that is smooth and creamy with a slight chocolate aftertaste.
Full pound12.50
Half pound6.45
Ethiopian Harrar
An excellent heavy-bodied coffee with an exotic, pungent aroma. Harrar can have a strong dry edge and a winey to fruit-like acidity. This longberry bean envelops the mouth with a splash of spicy cinnamon and blueberry flavors. The french roast we have chosen for this coffee brings out its chocolaty flavor profile.
Full pound11.00
Half pound5.70
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Fair Trade Organic)
One of ethiopia’s most prized coffees, yirgacheffe is grown in the lush highlands of the rift plateau. This is a very special tasting coffee, very satisfying with a winey taste with a citrus overtone. We chose a medium roast to complement this bean’s light body and flavors of lemon peel, apricot, honey, and jasmine.
Full pound12.50
Half pound6.45
Yemen Mocha
Considered to be the world’s greatest, uniquely delicious coffees. These beans possess a heavy body, and deliver a winey aroma with flavors of dried cherries and wine mixed with chocolate and tobacco. This coffee with a french roast yields one of the most superbly aromatic and flavorful cups in the world.
Full pound11.00
Half pound5.70
Signature Espresso
Our special blend of central and south american coffees with a classic french roast creates a rich and tangy espresso that is both soothing and invigorating. It is also enhanced by a beautiful, thick and rich crema. This brew has been described as the ultimate espresso experience.
Full pound11.00
Half pound5.70
Breakfast Blend
Bold, jazzy and aromatic, this brew is a perfect way to start the day. This blend of central and south american coffees is brought to life with a splash indonesian robusta for pep. The american roast delivers a bright, exciting and smooth finish that lets the character of the beans shine through.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Kona Blend
A blend of large fancy kona beans grown on the island of hawaii with rich, flavorful mexican altura estate coffees. This blend is an unforgettable classic. The city roast brings out the mild, mellow and well-rounded flavors of a traditional hawaiian kona coffee. Extra smooth and subtle, this blend is always a favorite.
Full pound10.80
Half pound5.60
Midnight Blue (Fair Trade Organic)
The traditional french roast renders this blend of indonesian beans an extremely earthy and full-bodied delight. These pungent smoky flavors just will not quit, smooth and satisfying, like a night of jazz in the french quarter. Enjoy this cup after a heavy meal and you will understand its potency.
Full pound12.50
Half pound6.45
Mocha Java
Mocha java is a blend from two of the oldest coffee growing regions on earth. It has a mild flavor characteristic of java coffee with the subtle taste of chocolate that naturally occurs in coffee from the mocha region of yemen all brought to a peak by our choice of a medium roast.
Full pound11.00
Half pound5.70
Snicker Delight
Just like the snicker doodle cookie, this flavored coffee mixes cinnamon, hazelnut, and sweet bakery flavors to create a scrumptious treat. Mild and well balanced mexican altura coffee is given an american roast to bring out its character before adding the flavor. Morning, noon or night, snicker delight is a luscious coffee indulgence.
Full pound10.50
Half pound5.45
Crème Brûlée
Reminiscent of one of our favorite desserts, this custard pudding flavored coffee is luscious and aromatic. A creamy rich, full-bodied flavor with sweet caramelized brown sugar notes. We give an american roast to the mexican altura coffee to bring out its well balanced character before adding the flavor.
Full pound10.50
Half pound5.45
Hazelnut Cream
Fresh toasted hazelnuts are the basis for this nutty, vanilla cream coffee. Extremely aromatic, this is one of our most popular brews. Premium mexican altura coffee is given an american roast to bring out well balanced character before adding the flavor. This is the perfect dessert coffee.
Full pound10.50
Half pound5.45
Jamaica Me Crazy
When it's time to take a break and relax or when you'd like to kick off your flip flops and head down the beach... brew up a delicious pot of coffee where kahlua, caramel and vanilla wind over this mexican altura coffee perfectly accented by an american roast to create this island blend.
Full pound10.50
Half pound5.45
The bean is light brown, and dry (no oil visible). The flavor is baked or bready, like toasted grain. There will likely be definite sour tones. Cinnamon roasted coffee exhibits very little body. This roast is sometimes used for cupping (professional tasting) in order to distinguish the character of the beans from the effects of the roast.
New England
Though not as frequently used as the others, this roast is common in the northeastern united states. It's a little darker than the cinnamon roast, but without the grainy flavor. New england roast will still have some sour tones to it.
American, Light
Medium light brown beans. This roast is the norm for eastern USA. This roast is the most often used for cupping or professional tasting because the characteristics of the roast bring out but don’t dominate the characteristics of the beans.
City, Medium
The color is darker still, a medium brown color close to milk chocolate. This roast is common in the western parts of the USA. This roast is a good choice to taste the differences between different varieties of coffee..
Full City
Medium dark brown beans. The beans will start to show some oily drops on the surface with this roast. Full city has caramel or chocolate undertones.
French, Espresso
French roasted beans are roasted to a dark brown and are shiny with oil. There is less acidity, but with burned undertones. This roast is often used when making espresso. Many people think this is the darkest roast available, but that's not true.
Italian, Dark French
Similar to regular french, but darker and oilier looking, and with a stronger burned flavor.
This is the darkest roast of all. The color is nearly black, and the flavor is flat with a charcoal undertone.
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Avis écrit le 21 août 2013

Cet hôtel possède une atmosphère superbe et est un excellent endroit pour rencontrer et d'être avec des amis. Le café self-service est bon. Nous nous sommes arrêtés pour le petit déjeuner ... malheureusement, n'était pas particulièrement impressionné avec des oeufs brouillés, du bacon, des crêpes....Les crêpes, oeufs très élastiques étaient trop cuits, et les portions étaient ainsi. Bien que je passe sur le petit-déjeuner, je retournerais pour le café et de la musique live le soir.Plus

Date de la visite : août 2013
Rusty C, Owner de Coffee Oasis, a répondu à cet avisRéponse envoyée 23 août 2013
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Avis écrit le 31 juillet 2013 par mobile

Propre boutique de café avec un bon café et un choix raisonnable pour le déjeuner et le dîner. Sympa mais le service est lent - il faut un peu pour préparer vos repas. Recommandé? Oui !!!

Date de la visite : juillet 2013
Avis écrit le 16 janvier 2012

Je viens de café Oasis tout le temps d'étudier et prendre un café. Le propriétaire est toujours ici, et il est toujours prêt à parler de quoi que ce soit sous le soleil. Ils ont un large choix de boissons, et leurs sandwichs sont spectaculaires...!!! Si vous voulez aller quelque part qui n'est pas un Starbucks, c'est l'endroit qu'il vous faut !Un conseil : ils ont un "café dégusterons" pour juste un peu plus d'un café régulier, alors pourquoi ne pas prendre le café illimité? féminine à la gare de café avec toutes les friandises dans une tasse.Plus

Date de la visite : janvier 2012
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